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We are a Global, full service, Sales Rep firm, and Business Development agency; providing exceptional support to the finest brands in Consumer Electronics. We strive to delight our customers in everything we do – exceeding their expectations and adding value to their brand, globally.

BIG was founded by Pete Baker, a dynamic global sales and marketing professional with decades of experience successfully maximizing product sales and driving revenue growth in the custom electronics industry. Mr. Baker began his career as an integrator, accumulating vast experience in front-end system design and sales, back-end operational management, in-field installation, programming and project management. He has worked on thousands of systems and was the founder of Custom Home Integration, a leading installation firm that he sold in 2006.

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Global Strategy

We have the experience and understanding of the Global markets and the CI channel to develop and execute a winning strategy for your brand.

Professional Sales Representation

With over 30 years of industry experience, BIG has the knowledge, technical understanding and skills to deliver the most effective and comprehensive Sales experience for your brand.


BIG understands the International markets, and how to create and deliver the most impactful message about the brand to the regional audience.


Add BIG to your team as a consultant for a specific project: long or short term, and you will gain 30 years of industry experience to fuel further success with your business.

The Latest from BIG

As a CEDIA Subject Matter Expert on Control and Automation and a veteran in the CE industry, Pete Baker has contributed many articles to publications worldwide on various subjects.

Think BIG!

Harnessing over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry with a track record of BIG success…

Contact us today to discover how we can help develop your brand and expand your global footprint.

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  • I recommend Pete without reservation. He is a skilled and prepared leader, and would be an asset to any organization. Pete is exceptional at creating and managing relationships, and he is particularly adept at International business. If expanding your sales overseas is a priority, I recommend contacting Pete; he knows the market, the key players, and understands international business…

    Clint Forberg
    Midwest Regional Sales Manager - RTI
  • “Pete demonstrates a perfect blend of technology know-how and marketing savvy…”

    Kirsten Nelson
    Writer and Editor at Large
  • “Pete is possibly one of the most professional and energetic brand ambassadors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He continually looks for ways to improve business and inspires at every opportunity… And a true gentleman.”

    Mike Beatty
    Managing Director at Pulse Cinemas
  • My team and I have worked with Pete for several years. He had a direct positive effect on our business and he is a person I rank very high on the list of the many people I interact with in various businesses and markets.

    Erik Dahlstrom
    CEO, Icon Scandinavia
  • What you quickly learn about Pete is that he is dedicated, hardworking, and has an infectious enthusiasm for his products and the custom installation industry as a whole that is rare in its intensity. A respected leader, his professionalism, charisma, and market knowledge have all contributed to his uncanny ability to build lasting relationships that have driven his sales success, particularly internationally, as he was instrumental in helping to build his brand globally.

    Veronica Esbona
    President, InGear Public Relations
  • I have worked with and for Pete for several years and consider him one of my mentors.

    Pete’s ability to build long term relationships, find new markets, grow the business and turn issues into opportunities are just a few of skills I admire Pete for. Mostly, I respect him for his leadership and ethics.

    I would highly recommend Pete if you are looking to expand your business domestically or internationally.

    Trevor de Maat
    Director at Savant Systems
  • The BIG Corp is a business accelerator! Not only did he teach us how to “Think BIG” he led the transformation of our ambitions into reality. He exceeded our expectations by expanding our vision, accelerating our business, and establishing global distribution, to a level that would have taken us much longer to reach. But more than a business man, Mr Baker is a professional with sensibility, charisma and experience that make him a partner you want on your team.

    Bruno Napoli
    Founder of Krika
  • Pete makes it a habit of under-promising and over-delivering, time after time. He’s extremely pleasant to work with, honest, providing maximum value for the dollar … If you’re looking for someone with impeccable integrity, a keen knowledge of the industry, someone who will get results (without making excuses) than I can think of nobody more qualified to get the job done than Pete. He is a force of nature!

    Paul Douglas
    CEO/Founder - WeatherNation LLC
  • I have a tremendous amount of respect for Pete as a visionary leader and professional. Pete has amazing talents for marketing and branding; crafting a powerful and effective message. He really looks deep into “what” motivates the buyer and “why” they should buy your product. I have personally witnessed him put this into action in marketing and sales initiatives. He is also a very gifted public speaker and writer.

    Andrew Werdean
    CEO Dynaudio North & South America
  • Pete has an installer background combined with many years experience in domestic and international sales and marketing. With this valuable knowledge he is perfectly prepared to support us with our individual business needs. He can always offer expert advice on market development, which is to the benefit of everybody involved. Pete is a gentleman and knows how to treat people and especially customers.

    Alex Tempel
    Managing Director bei VIVATEQ
  • Having worked with Pete for a number of years he has proven to be a professional, reliable and involved sales manager. He has always been focused on objectives mutually agreed upon and never missed to develop a friendly climate amongst the partners chosen to do business with.

    Wolfgang Lenz
    President COMM-TEC
  • Pete Baker is a visionary business professional and master at International Sales. Although he resides in North America, he has global experience and Thinks BIG, from a worldwide perspective.

    I have had the great pleasure to work closely with Pete Baker over the past decade. I have witnessed his talent and abilities in sales, marketing, and international business development. Pete has achieved success at everything he puts his mind to, and it does not happen by accident. He carefully works with his industry partners to define a strategic roadmap to success and then executes the plan with precision…

    Joe Barhoush
    Managing Director, GES
  • He’s as honest and hard-working as they come and he doesn’t have a disingenuous bone in his body. He has always been a loyal champion of his company, his products, his customers and his colleagues. But he’s also firm and he expects results, whether that is from sales reps, PR firms … or publications like CE Pro.

    Julie Jacobson
    Editor, CE Pro
  • Pete’s a consummate professional … He’s by far the best I’ve met at balancing the requirements of the job with establishing and growing a sincere personal relationship. That’s not to say he’s not talented: his sales management, diplomacy, and presenting skills are well-known…I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Pete in any sales/management/influencer role.

    Barry Wosk
    President at Sound Developments
  • Pete is an International legend in the CE Industry, an awesome business professional and an incredible educator and trainer. Pete is a mentor to me and taught me many valuable lessons in my professional life. He is the international face of integrated systems products.

    Cyrille Vergely
    Représentant technico-commercial chez VIVATEQ
  • …I would describe Pete Baker as the God Father of International Presentations. Always the charismatic orator, who skillfully captivates the audience.

    René Max
    Technischer Produktmanager bei VIVATEQ GmbH
  • Pete is creative, aggressive, and a consummate professional and the results show ….

    Petro Shimonishi
    Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Business Development
  • Pete is an experienced manager with great International experience. If you are a company trying to expand your boundaries outside of the USA then he certainly can help you establish the right partners and strategy to achieve this.

    Michael Blackman
    Managing Director, Integrated System Europe
  • Pete has this amazing charisma and knows how to adapt to very different situations. We always admired how he was so natural at convincing his audience … His training classes were always very appreciated , fun and very educational; His contacts in our Industry are quite overwhelming and his marketing strategies have been very interesting and enriching for us, as well as being very successful.

    A great multicultural and bilingual person, a real asset to any company who believe in the Power of personal relations in Business

    Nadine Chaix Dewell
    Export Manager, Waterfall Audio
  • I have had the great pleasure to work closely with Pete Baker over the past decade. I have witnessed his talent and abilities in sales, marketing, and international business development. Pete has achieved success at everything he puts his mind to, and it does not happen by accident. He carefully works with his industry partners to define a strategic road map to success and then executes the plan with great precision.

    Pete is a hardworking, intelligent, dedicated and forward-thinking leader who understands not only the complexity of the CI channel but also the dynamics of sales and marketing in the European markets. He is able to explain complex products and systems in a simple way by adapting his sales pitch to the customer’s specific situation and environment in any International market.

    Arthur Laub
    Product Management & Marketing at VIVATEQ GmbH